5 foods you should cut out of your life if you want to truly heal yourself

written by Savvy

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Food is information that you provide to your body, if you choose to provide valuable information and make savvy decisions for your life, your body will surely thank you and you will feel better, with more energy and health. You can learn to choose what to eat and what not, in order to achieve your own healing. Eating well is more than filling up, it's about giving your body what it needs.

Answer honestly:

Do you feel bloated after eating?

Does nothing relieve your gastritis?

Do you know why you gain weight?

How many “detox” diets have you Googled?

No treatment relieves your irritable colon?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, it's time to listen to your body. Even if you don't find the relationship, everything that hurts or bothers you has to do with food. Always remember: What you eat makes you sick and it is also what heals you.

And to heal yourself, you must learn to make Savvy decisions in your day-to-day life. If there is something that is not working well in your body, you have come to the right place, from Savvy, we will be with you on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Why is food medicine?

Because we heal from the inside out. That is, taking care of what comes from the outside to the inside.

"But how am I going to stop eating pizza if it's so good?" “How am I going to give up fries if they are so delicious?” "You know, soda once in a while doesn't hurt." "I eat well all week and on weekends I indulge myself." "Eating healthy is very expensive."

Have you heard that? Does it ring a bell?

Our scientific director, Dr. Carlos Jaramillo, with his vision from functional medicine and expertise in nutrition, has managed to understand the behavior of the human body seeking to cure chronic diseases at the root, showing that it is not normal to live sick and showing how Food is related to different conditions with which we have "accepted" to live. With his knowledge, he has accompanied thousands of people to transform their lives by changing habits.

Now, we can tell you that with a good diet you can improve your health and solve situations that you may have become accustomed to, such as: allergies, gastritis, irritable bowel, constipation, polycystic ovaries or chronic fatigue. With proper nutrition you can live in a state of positive vitality.

We are not that far away, if you have been wondering, if you have already googled how you can start making small changes in your lifestyle. You are on the right track! The truth is, there is no secret or magic diet.

Everything is based on what you eat, because it is the medicine that you need and also on your day-to-day habits. Food is information that you provide to your body, if you choose to provide valuable information and make savvy decisions for your life, your body will surely thank you and you will feel better, with more energy and health. You can learn to choose what to eat and what not, in order to achieve your own healing. Eating well is more than filling up, it's about giving your body what it needs.

5 oods that make you sick, get them out of your diet!

Did you know that the leading causes of death in the world today are caused by poor eating habits and lifestyles? This means that our health is in our hands and it DOES depend on our own decisions, not everything can be attributed to luck or genetics. We invite you to stop along the way to evaluate the decisions you are making and take responsibility for your own body and well-being.






Cold meats


Refined flour


Fruit juices



Sugar, never again!

Sugar or "the sweet pandemic" as Dr. Carlos Jaramillo called it in his book The Metabolic Miracle, is eight times more addictive than cocaine, leads to food addiction, raises insulin and is the cause of various diseases such as diabetes (which was believed to only affect older people but now children suffer from it too), heart attacks, cerebrovascular disease and even dementia.

Processed (refined) sugar is found in more than 80% of the products you buy at the supermarket, such as sweeteners in soft drinks and the fructose that comes in fruit juices, among others. It has altered our bodies to the point of making them collapse.

Avoid it, your body doesn't need it. You only have to:

  1. Stop drinking soda, bottled and boxed juices (especially for children). Don't let practicality put your health at risk.
  2. Opt for 100% natural options like stevia or monk fruit.
  3. Learn to read the nutritional facts on the labels and know all the names that have been given to sugar to "hide" it, such as: maltodextrin, sucralose, aspartame, etc. 

And what about honey, brown sugar and syrup?

You must be careful with sugar in all its forms. These are composed of glucose and fructose, that is, they have a high sugar content. If you have no other option, choose them instead of chemicals and artificial sweeteners and then go back to your routine without sugar.

And what about artificial sweeteners?

Along with sugar alcohols, they were believed to be healthier alternatives, but these chemical derivatives are just that: chemicals! They will go directly to your liver, affect insulin and activate your anxiety about eating, in addition to the inflammation that will occur in your body.

You know, your body does not need sugar and in your hands is the power to remove it from your diet.



Say goodbye to dairy

Milk in all its presentations: whole, lactose-free, skimmed, light and others, is harmful to your body and not only because of the lactose (the sugar in milk), but also because of the casein (the protein in cow's milk) which can cause intestinal permeability. 

Intestinal permeability will cause toxicity, viruses and bacteria to pass through your intestine and reach the bloodstream, which will result in various diseases, allergies, among others.



No more cold cuts

Cold meats such as sausages, mortadella, hams are ultra-processed products, full of chemical substances and high in sodium that will put your body at high risk.

According to the PubMed article "Red and processed meat consumption and risk of incident coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes" these processed meats can affect heart disease and diabetes You should definitely remove these foods from your diet. Beware of this: avoid giving sausages to children at all costs.



Remove refined flour in all its presentations, colors and flavors: ditch gluten

Almost all bakery and pastry foods such as bread, cakes, cookies are prepared with refined flour and have a big problem: its main component is gluten, which comes from wheat, barley and rye and when it enters the body it damages the mucosa that covers the small intestine, causes inflammation and prevents nutrients from being absorbed correctly, giving way to toxicity into the bloodstream.

Does the same thing happen with whole wheat bread or pasta?

Yes, because its main source is wheat. Comprehensive is not necessarily synonymous with healthy. Instead, look for gluten-free options that nourish your body.

Remember: all carbohydrates break down into simple sugars. That is why, at the beginning of this article, we told you that you should not only look at "healthy eating", but also learn how food behaves within our body.



Zero fruit juices

Fruits were made to be eaten in their natural form, only in this way do we give the body time (mainly the pancreas and the liver) to process the fructose - the sugar in fruits - and also make the most of its fiber.

Blending or extracting the pulp from the fruit to drink it means having a lot of information without knowing which one is correct and sending it directly to your liver. It's like taking a shot of sugar.

When the liver can't process that fructose, it can't sort out vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and it won't know what to do, so it has to work harder. Now, imagine having to do it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. mean, say yes to fruit, but not like this. It is better to eat them, do not drink them!

How do you feel now?

Healing is a process; it is cultivating a state of consciousness that is consolidated day by day and allows us to live coherently. Give yourself the time you need to see results and make healthy eating a habit and your main healing tool. Be Savvy.